Mats & Altar Cloths

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Mats and altar cloths are both decorative and functional items used in various spiritual and religious practices.
Mats are typically flat, rectangular, or square pieces of fabric or material that provide a clean and comfortable surface for sitting, kneeling, or standing during religious ceremonies, meditation, or prayer. Mats serve to delineate a sacred space and provide practitioners with a designated area for their spiritual activities. In some traditions, mats may also symbolize humility or simplicity.
Altar cloths are decorative coverings used to adorn altars, tables, or other surfaces used for religious or spiritual rituals. They are often made from richly colored or patterned fabrics and may be adorned with symbols, religious icons, or intricate embroidery. Altar cloths serve both practical and symbolic purposes. They help to protect the altar surface from damage or wear and tear, and they also contribute to the ambiance and sacredness of the space.

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