Stones A to C

Oceanic Linkways has a wide array of stones from A to Z, this category focuses on the stones from Afghanite to Crystal Quartz. Ensure your shop has the stones your customers desire by placing your next order today! 


Buy Wholesale Afghanite; Agate; Agate, Bamboo Leaf; Agate, Blue Lace; Agate, Botswana; Agate, Cherry Blossom; Agate, Crazy Lace; Agate, Dendritic; Agate, Feather; Agate, Flower; Agate, Grape; Agate, Green Moss; 
Agate, Plume; Agate, Red; Agate, Tibetan; Agate, Tree; Agate, White; Albite; 
Amazonite; Amber; Amethyst; Amethyst, Chevron; Amethyst, Pink; Ametrine; Ammolite; Angelite; Anyolite; Apatite; Apophyllite; Aquamarine;
Aragonite; Asterite; Astrophyllite; Aventurine, Blue; Aventurine, Green; Aventurine, Purple; Aventurine, Red, Orange & Yellow; Axinite/Bronzite; Azurite/Malachite; Bloodstone; Bowenite; Calcite, Blue; Calcite, Coke; Calcite, Green; Calcite, Mixed; Calcite, Orange; Calcite, Pink; Calcite, Pink Mangano; Calcite, Tiger & Zebra; Calcite, White; Calcite, Yellow; Carborundum; Carnelian; Cats Eye; Celestite; Chalcanthite; Chalcedony, Blue; Chalcedony, Mixed; Chalcopyrite; Charoite; Chiastolite; Chrysocolla; Chrysoprase; Cinnabar; Citrine; Coppernite; Coral; Corundum; Covelina; Creedite; Crystal Quartz.