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This collection contains both Dorje & Phurba. A dorje, also known as a vajra, holds significant symbolic and ritualistic importance in various religious and spiritual traditions, particularly in Tibetan Buddhism and Hinduism. The dorje symbolizes both the thunderbolt and diamond, representing indestructibility, power, and the nature of reality. It is often regarded as a symbol of enlightenment or spiritual realization. It is paired with a bell (ghanta) during certain practices, symbolizing the union of wisdom (dorje) and compassion (bell). The dorje is utilized in various meditation practices and rituals to focus the mind, overcome obstacles, and connect with the enlightened qualities it represents. It is also associated with the qualities of strength, stability, and fearlessness. A Phurba is a ritual dagger or ritual implement with a distinct tri-bladed design, commonly used in Tibetan Buddhist ceremonies, tantric rituals, and shamanic practices in the Himalayan region. It symbolizes the subjugation of negative forces or obstacles on the spiritual path. Its three-bladed design represents the three realms of existence: the physical realm, the realm of desire, and the formless realm. It is also associated with the idea of piercing through ignorance and delusion to reach enlightenment.

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