Smudge Stick Holders

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A smudge stick holder, also known as a smudge pot, is a vessel used to burn herbs, typically in the form of bundled sticks, for the purpose of smudging. Smudging is a practice that involves burning sacred herbs or resins to cleanse, purify, or bless a space, person, or object. Smudge stick holders are commonly used in various spiritual, religious, and cultural traditions, including Native American, Indigenous, and Pagan practices. It is what’s going to catch the hot cinders from the burning herbs, it is where you will place your herb to rest, and where you will put out the fire of your smudge stick. Cast iron bowls are a popular choice for smudging. Cast iron is very tough material and fireproof, making burning smudge sticks a less worrisome activity. The cast iron material makes it easier to extinguish smudge sticks in.

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