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In metaphysical and spiritual practices, copper is believed to possess several symbolic and energetic meanings:
Copper is highly conductive, both electrically and energetically. Metaphysically, it\'s associated with enhancing the flow of energy throughout the body and the environment. This property makes it useful for conducting energy in various spiritual practices, such as energy healing or meditation. Copper is thought to amplify the energy of other stones or crystals when used together. Placing crystals on a copper surface or combining them with copper jewelry or accessories is believed to enhance their metaphysical properties and effects. Copper is associated with balancing and aligning the chakras and energy centers of the body. It\'s believed to stimulate the flow of energy along the energy meridians, promoting overall balance and harmony. Copper is commonly viewed as a metal that boosts spiritual connections and intuition. It is thought to aid in communicating with higher planes, spirit guides, and ancestors, which makes it valuable for practices like meditation, divination, and spiritual journeys.