About Us


About Us

Oceanic Linkways Inc is a family-owned premier wholesale company that provides thousands of businesses around the world with their gemstone, mineral, jewelry, incense, gift item, fossil, and home decor needs. Founded in 1991 and headquartered in the United States with additional offices around the world, Oceanic Linkways is today in its 30+ year in business.
We specialize in a variety of products from metaphysical, semi-precious stones, new age, craft supply, candles, sage, pagan and more. With direct access to mines and factories across 19 countries and growing, our array of products continues to grow daily with in-house designs and strong control of quality.
To maintain our strong quality and production, Oceanic Linkways also has its own factory in India as well as numerous joint ventures in other countries. This allows for strong quality control and ethical sourcing.
Aside from being a strong importer and wholesaler, Oceanic Linkways has and continues to serve as sourcing agent for those interested in product sourcing, private label, etc. For more information on our strengths and requirements, please contact us.

The Founder 

With humble beginnings, Founder Divyesh Shah began selling products on tables in New York City. Today, Oceanic Linkways Inc has transformed into one of the premier and most reliable import and export companies in the industry. Currently, the company directly imports from 19 countries including India, Brazil, Morocco, China, Pakistan, Peru, Mexico, Uruguay, Indonesia, Russia, etc. The founder directly travels to all countries of business to ensure only the highest quality of products is being delivered.

Environmental & Social

Oceanic Linkways prides itself on its ESG initiatives and efforts, reducing the carbon footprint of our company in the United States as well as globally.
Since the company’s inception, Oceanic Linkways has taken major milestone company measures to ensure upmost care in business operations, outside of day-to-day measures such as
recycling all boxes used for shipping, promoting reusable kitchenware by not purchasing paper/plastic products, installing motion sensors in each aisle of the warehouse to conserve power, and more.
Major Milestones: In 2020, Oceanic Linkways embarked on installing solar panels at the office and warehouse in the USA, offsetting 98% of environmental impacts of daily operation.
In 2022, Oceanic Linkways further promoted it’s environmental support by fully powering the 30,000 sq. ft. warehouse with geothermal technology. Geothermal technology allows Oceanic Linkways to power its’ warehouse heating and cooling all through a renewable energy source, with no greenhouse gasses emitted.
Aside from environmental initiatives taken, Oceanic Linkways has and continues to annually support various charities across the world from local soup kitchens, orphanage homes, homes for disabled, providing educational supplies, etc.
Overall, as a company, we are committed to our environmental and social responsibility to create a better future for the next generation.


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