Terms & Conditions

New Customers: with your first order you must present us with a copy of your valid resale certificate.

Minimum Order Web Site: $300
Minimum Order in Showroom: $750
Minimum Order at Trade Show: $300

Oceanic Website: Please be advised that we regularly monitor and clean up our website to ensure proper customer information and tax ID records. Customers who have not purchased within a one year time frame will be moved to an inactive status and be required to re-register to gain access to our website. Thank you.

Please note any order changes from Pickup to Shipping or vice versa will be subject to a $50 repackaging fee. We work to ensure all order notes and requirements are met. Pickup orders must be picked up within a 5 day period.

 Minimum Order in Showroom: $750 by appointment only. Please note any no show appointments will be subject to a $50 fee. All reschedule appointment requests must be made 3 days in advance. We understand if there are emergency situations, but please kindly note we work very hard to create private appointments. Late arrival appointments are subject to rescheduling if no contact has been made with our team.

Shipping Promotion: With the rising worldwide freight costs, our shipping promotion is now If you spend over $10,000, we will give you free commercial shipping on this order (within USA). Any additional surcharge (i.e. liftgate, inside, limited access) is the responsibility of the customer. Additionally, any order $5,000 and more paid via Bank Transfer will be eligible for Domestic FREE SHIPPING!

Pricing Structure: We’ve worked really hard to create a fair and competitive tier pricing system. So, Please don’t ask for additional discounts. No product mixing allowed for quantity pricing discount.
First Level is W1
Second Level is W2
Third Level for larger quantity is W3
If you are a Distributor contact us.

Please note that if the inventory quantity is not currently available for Tier pricing discount, the price charged will be whatever quantity we have in stock available at the moment of purchase. Please review your invoice for accuracy before finalizing payment.

Payments: For orders, we currently accepts credit card, check or wire transfers. If you have terms with us, you must pay as scheduled. Failure to do so will accrue a 3% late penalty charge on the balance to be paid monthly. NO CREDIT CARD PAYMENT WILL BE ACCEPTED ON DELINQUENT OPEN BALANCES. Customers are liable for any bank, attorney, or collection fees pertaining to NSF checks or overdue accounts. Credit Cards are processed via Authorize and Capture. Any fees related to rejected charges will be billable to the customers.

Discrepancies: We ship FOB from our Warehouse and follow all guidelines from our shipping carriers. If you have a damaged goods claim less than $100, you must to file it with the Shipping carrier directly. We will do our best to assist anyway we can for any claim process. Each order will also prompt to choose whether additional insurance is desired, insurance is customer’s responsibility.

Returned Goods:  Any return request must be inquired about within 5 days of receiving an order and must be approved by Oceanic first. The customer is responsible for cost of return shipping. We will refund the price less a 15% restocking fee.

Our website: www.oceaniclink.com has approximate sizes and weights. We will do our best to ship items that meet the size and weight ordered, but please note stones are rare and we cannot always ship exactly the size/amount ordered!

Order Quantities: Please note we are constantly working on the packaging and minimum order quantity to ensure the proper safety of all items. In many cases of items by weight, we will work to ship the order quantity or very slightly above depending on the packaging / nature of stone formations available. If you do not want more than what is ordered, please ensure a note is added during checkout to not ship more than the order. This will only happen on occasion but is an important note for the nature of stones and protection.

Custom production item: Any Custom Products Oceanic is asked to develop will be produced if at all possible. But please note that it is the Customer’s responsibility to make sure the item does not already have a copyright or trademark. Any Legal claims that may arise will be the Customer’s responsibility.

All prices are subject to change without notice.

Please note that product colors are pictured as accurately as possible but due to studio lighting, colors may vary.

Thank you for choosing Oceanic Linkways, Inc.
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