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Tumbled stones bracelets are typically made from natural gemstones that have undergone a tumbling process to smooth out rough edges and create a polished surface. The tumbling process involves placing raw stones in a machine called a tumbler, along with abrasive materials. The tumbler then rotates the stones for a period of time, gradually smoothing and polishing them. This process can take several weeks to achieve the desired results. They are typically rounded or oval-shaped, with a smooth surface and no sharp edges. The uniformity in size and shape of the tumbled stones adds to the aesthetic appeal of the bracelet. Get your hands on our selection for your shop. This collection contains all of our tumbled stone bracelets. Buy Wholesale Aroma Oils, Buy Wholesale Resin Incense Jar, Purchase Wholesale Cauldrons, Purchase Wholesale Smudge Sticks, Shop Wholesale Abalone Shells, Wholesale Candles Online, Wholesale Essential Oils for Sale, Wholesale Oil Burners for Sale