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These Pop Up Display boxes contain 4 different shapes: hearts, pyramids, spheres, natural shape. Each crystal comes in a separate smaller box with one crystal. Each stone has a different meaning and different properties. Each box comes with info on the stone it contains. These display boxes have a total of 12 individual stones. All heart-shaped crystals are said to have the ability to cleanse, unblock, and energize your heart energy field; also known as the heart chakra.A pyramid shaped stone has the capacity to catch energy from the universe through its apex and store it in its core. This sacred shape is believed to widen your consciousness, to open your eyes to the changes occurring in your body. A raw crystal refers to one that remains uncut, unpolished, untreated, and not artificially colored in a laboratory setting. Buy Wholesale Free Shape Stone, Buy Wholesale Stones, Purchase Wholesale Cauldrons, Purchase Wholesale Heart-shaped Stones, Shop Wholesale Pyramids, Wholesale Rough Crystals Online, Wholesale Sphere-shaped Stones for Sale, Wholesale Oil Burners for Sale, Buy Incenses, Purchase Wholesale Crystals Online