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A crystal slice is an extremely useful shape to keep in your crystal collection. A slice is simply a piece of gemstone that was cut into a thin, flat piece and then polished. This shape makes it extremely easy to use for meditation, body layouts, gridding and for your altar.  This type of healing crystal lets you really enjoy the inner beauty of the stone. When used during chakra healing, they can easily stay in place and cover a larger portion of your body with their energy. They are also easy to stack, so you can amplify their energy by placing more than one together. Crystal slices are perfect for decoration and for adding a peaceful energy into your space. You can also use crystal slices to give a subtle boost of energy to items around your home. Oceanic Linkways’ selection of carved and shaped stones & crystal items is available for wholesale purchases! Buy Wholesale Gemstones, Buy Wholesale Slices, Purchase Wholesale Raw Stones Online