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Heart-shaped crystals are the best to work with to augment a range of intentions including love, passion, happiness, and enthusiasm. Hearts can supply energy to realize these intentions. All heart-shaped crystals are said to have the ability to cleanse, unblock, and energize your heart energy field; also known as the Anahata chakra. They are typically associated with love and relationships. Not only interpersonal love, but they are also perfect for self-love and may enhance your connection with yourself. This shape is associated with the concept of unconditional love and compassion. Hearts are very pleasing to the eyes. Hence their common use as gifts and jewelleries. They are also perfect for decoration or as accent pieces in your home. It elevates the look and fill your home with positive energy. Buy Wholesale Aroma Oils, Buy Wholesale Resin Incense Jar, Purchase Wholesale Cauldrons, Purchase Wholesale Smudge Sticks, Shop Wholesale Abalone Shells, Wholesale Candles Online, Wholesale Essential Oils for Sale, Wholesale Oil Burners for Sale